Helping Business Owners Tackle Difficult Challenges Successfully 


Are you a business owner aiming to  improve the productivity of employees while keeping overhead costs down?


If so, our business leadership coaching program may just be the ideal solution you need to grow and scale new heights of success. Epiphany Professional Development offers the solutions and services that will help you achieve your objectives with a positive return on investment.


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Improving Business Performance With a Professional Coach

Your business is an extension of you, it's your baby. Because of that, you pour yourself into building your brand, identifying your niche, developing your product set, creating your team and serving your customers.


Most business leaders begin because they have a passion around their area of specialty and see an opportunity in the market yet most have little "management and leadership experience" but serve those needs as best they can. 

There comes a time in any growth oriented business that the founder must learn to delegate and trust those around them to make decisions and embrace the responsibility of greater roles.


To lead, to grow, to flourish, business entrepreneurs must move out of the weeds and toward a more strategic role that enables that growth. Some consider hiring the services of a certified and experienced business coach in Houston, TX or advisor to assist in this journey.

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Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Business Advisor​


Whether you are one of those who believe your business and you would benefit from hiring a professional and accredited business leadership coach in Houston, TX or not, consider the following:

1) Who can you trust to speak to about critical issues without feeling exposed or impairing your credibility? 

2) Are you overwhelmed? Too much to do and too few hours in the day? Are you prioritizing and managing yourself effectively?

3) While you may know "what" to do are you doing it? Who holds YOU accountable?

4) Are you getting the results you want? Are you treating the symptoms rather than the problem?

5) Are you able to get the right people on the bus and retain them?

6) Can you afford the time to evaluate your short term actions against a longer term vision?

We work with business leaders to clarify and achieve their goals by optimizing 6 key areas:

  • Strategy (Business & Organization)

  • Core processes cycle time and efficiency

  • Structure (Organizational alignment, engagement and optimization)

  • Systems (Talent Management, Communication)

  • Culture

  • Executive leadership and team development

Take a look at our EXCELerate process for business success. If you have questions please give us a call at 877-689-8256 or schedule a discovery call by booking online above.