Personal Coaching

There are 7.66B people in the world, but only one you!

How do you own and value the YOU that You are?
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This is the essence of our coaching practice. The purpose for why we exist - to lead and motivate others toward a greater understanding of self and their value, enabling them to achieve self acceptance and peace that transcends the stress and anxiety of our challenging situational circumstances, in business, relationships and in life.

Utilizing a Solutions Focused Coaching approach in concert with Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, we challenge and support clients in the definition of goals, actions and the creation of sustainable belief structures in support of desired behaviors. Unlike counseling or therapy that focuses on the past, coaching looks toward the future and focuses on being proactive toward where you want to go. Our coaching works because it helps people take ownership of their own success and empowers them with the tools to control their own lives.



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