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Healthcare Executive Coaching TX

Ordered complexity, the new and desired state leaders in healthcare are called upon to design, define and deliver. Practitioners who also serve in leadership roles often live in oppositional tension caused by these distinct roles. Few have been developed to lead or manage others and even fewer have facilitation skills or the ability to influence new solutions in the absence of power.


There are no silver bullets, but encouraging healthcare leaders to move from the edge of chaos to creativity is the role of a healthcare executive coach who serves in this challenging environment. By coaching for self awareness, communication skills, and the development of themselves and their teams, order will emerge.


I’ve spent 25 years in the healthcare environment, managing clinical and technical resources, serving as a consultant to physicians and administrators and building and divesting a medical technology firm. My knowledge of healthcare governance, clinical practice and technology coupled with my extensive coaching experience provides the foundation for successful engagements with clinical and non-clinical healthcare executives. As a member, and registered coach, of ACHE I frequently have the opportunity to engage, learn and contribute to leadership development discussions and initiatives impacting healthcare.


If you’re a physician or healthcare executive interested in exploring a potential coaching relationship, schedule a Discovery call with the online booking button or simply drop me an email at and we’ll start a conversation.

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