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Executives are expected to achieve results in constantly changing and increasingly challenging business environments. Through times of change, transition, business difficulty or crisis, leaders must deliver results in ways that are consistent with corporate values and expectations. Consequently, executive leadership properly matched with the organization and its current situation and challenges is critical to driving improved performance.


The coaching process typically involves:

  • A discussion of desired outcomes and contributing/limiting behaviors

  • Assessment and discussion of current behaviors and surrounding beliefs

  • Situational analysis to understand environmental/organizational considerations

  • Cognitive behavioral assessment to clarify contributing thought processes and impact

  • Reframing negative thought patterns coupled with acceptance and commitment practices

  • Exercises and journaling to reinforce positive thought patterns and behaviors

  • Assessment/feedback to gauge progress and next steps


Epiphany’s leadership development and executive coaching services are designed to assist your organization, leaders and teams in defining leadership success requirements, diagnosing the strengths and developmental opportunities of individual leaders, and provide the development and coaching support necessary for success.


Common professional development coaching opportunities:

  • "They’re all idiots so I don’t have the patience to deal with them"

    • Self-limiting belief: They’re all idiots

    • Self-limiting behavior: Lack of patience

    • Outcome focus: Creating an engaged, motivated and productive team

  • "I have difficulty holding people accountable and engaging in difficult conversations"

    • Self-limiting belief: I’m afraid of conflict, I need to be liked

    • Self-limiting behavior: Avoidance

    • Outcome focus: I want them to succeed

  • "People don’t get it so I get ramped up"

    • Self-limiting belief: They don’t get it, if I am more passionate, they’ll get it

    • Self-limiting behavior: Getting ramped up

    • Outcome focus: Creating understanding (Asking questions; listening)

  • "They don’t understand so I have to make sure they have the detail"

    • Self-limiting belief: I know more because….

    • Self-limiting behavior: I give them all of the detail so they will understand

    • Outcome focus: Creating understanding (Checking in; adjusting to style; listening)

  • "I get anxious when I feel like the spotlight is on me"

    • Self-limiting belief: I am somehow unworthy, they’ll judge me

    • Self-limiting behavior: Lack of confidence

    • Outcome focus: The task at hand

You'll partner with one of the best executive coaching firms in Houston offering the insight and direction necessary for growth to occur and goals to be achieved. Call us today or schedule a discovery call to discuss your needs with a Houston executive coach from Epiphany.

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