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Executive Coaching

From one of Houston's Best Executive Coaching Firms


Authentic Presence

3 Keys to Success You Don't Want to Miss.

Executives are expected to deliver results.

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No matter how quickly the business environment changes, there's one thing we all know for sure: you gotta change with the times. In order to survive, you need leadership that reflects your organization's values. When the business climate changes, execs need to deliver results in a way that is consistent with what the company expects. For example, if your company culture is about creativity and innovation, your future CEO needs to reflect those values.

At Epiphany, we know that your success is our success...

As a result of collaborating with Epiphany, you'll be more confident in strategizing your business goals and implementing them into actionable plans. We'll also help your teams become more fluent in the language of leadership, so they can better understand their roles as team members and leaders alike. And finally, we offer a one-on-one coaching service that includes executive coaching and leadership development. With our coaching model, we have an established track record of success.

The Epiphany Coaching Model


Kyle Stanzel, COO

Medical Industry

"Every session with Matt is valuable time spent. Often it's difficult to step away into coaching sessions because of life and work demands; however, after my first session with Matt I do not hesitate. His ability to work across industries and situations is impressive."



Coaching Epiphanies


"They’re all idiots, I don’t have the patience to deal with them"

Self-limiting belief: They're not equipped

Self-limiting behavior: Lack of patience

Outcome focus: Reframing appreciation of differing styles and gifts to extend respect, invite ideas and improve patience


"I have difficulty holding people accountable and engaging in difficult conversations"

Self-limiting belief: I’m afraid of conflict, I need to be liked

Self-limiting behavior: Avoidance

Outcome focus: Their success versus the fear of "what if"

Business Meeting_edited.jpg

"They don’t understand, so I have to make sure they have the details"

Self-limiting belief: I know more because….

Self-limiting behavior: I give them all of the detail so they will understand

Outcome focus: Delivering what they need instead of what I need them to hear.


"I get anxious when I feel like the spotlight is on me"

Self-limiting belief: I am somehow unworthy, they’ll judge me

Self-limiting behavior: Defensiveness and other derailing behaviors 

Outcome focus: Enhancing "presence" in uncertain situations.

We give people the tools to be successful.

Epiphany is the best executive coaching firm in Houston. We offer the guidance and insight you need to grow your company and achieve your goals. If you're interested in improving, schedule a discovery call with one of our coaches today.

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