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High Performance Coaching & Team Building


Having a high-performing team is one way to boost your company's competitiveness. Epiphany helps you identify both the individual's strengths and weaknesses and the inner dynamics of the team. We then equip them with strategies for success.


We help teams improve their chances of success by enhancing the individuals in the group and their ability to interact effectively. Our solutions work by analyzing individual players' behaviors against a set of criteria to rate that player's behavioral characteristics against those of other team members.


Through this knowledge, we can suggest areas where the individual and team could improve to better contribute to their efforts. That leads to better outcomes for all involved.

DISC Team Building

Effective communication is the foundation of developing relationships, creating understanding, and achieving our personal and professional objectives. We all understand the importance of communication, yet misunderstandings, lost productivity, etc., because ineffective communication remains one of the most significant challenges facing organizations and teams today.
This course will provide insight and direction around communication to enhance its efficacy for teams and individuals.
This session will cover the following topics:

  • A review of the team values & goals

  • Review or set ground rules for the team.

  • Understanding communication styles

  • Effectively adjusting & engaging other members of the team

  • Active Listening & collaboration

The workshop is run as a half-day session, and participants will have the opportunity to evaluate their communication style through an online Extended DISC assessment.

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The Hogan Team Report

High-performing teams can achieve superior business results. Unfortunately, teams are susceptible to all manner of dysfunction, from infighting to apathy. The Hogan Team Report helps leaders understand their teams' mix of strengths, weaknesses, and culture, allowing them to identify and correct potential problem areas to maximize team performance.

  • Understand Individual Roles

  • Manage Conflict

  • Shared Derailers

  • Identify Culture


The most successful companies recognize that high-performing teams can provide a distinct competitive edge in today's marketplace. The Hogan Team Report provides leaders with valuable information about their teams' strengths, weaknesses, values, and internal dynamics. It equips them with the strategies they need to help their teams achieve their full potential.


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Establish Expectations  | Review Key Concepts | Establish Ground Rules

A facilitated workshop that leverages the work of Patrick Lencioni and the Table Group Team Assessment to identify methods and actionable steps for team members and management that will enhance teamwork, satisfaction, and productivity! Topics of the workshop include:


  • Absence of Trust

  • Fear of Conflict

  • Lack of Commitment

  • Avoidance of Accountability

  • Inattention to Results

Each key area is unpacked in a facilitated conversation to understand individual perceptions and team impact. With this understanding, the team engages in developmental activities that strengthen each critical element for improved team performance.


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Kyle Stanzel, COO

Medical Industry

"Every session with Matt is valuable time spent. Often it's difficult to step away into coaching sessions because of life and work demands; however, after my first session with Matt I do not hesitate. His ability to work across industries and situations is impressive."



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