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Leadership Development

Foundations of Management and Developing the Leader Within


Have you been looking for a reputable firm to train and develop your employees in Houston? Epiphany Professional Development offers leadership development coaching and solutions that will make your employees more valuable to the company in the future. We can provide results-oriented programs on leadership development training in Houston, TX, to executives and managers.


Whether big or small, we can help your team develop the skills to tackle difficult situations that require sharp insight and discretion. As our results are documented, you will achieve your objectives with a positive return on investment

Epiphany Leadership Development

If you're looking to enhance your organization's leadership, we have solutions for you. We offer personalized programs that begin with an assessment of current skills and behavioral characteristics that are important to leadership success. Our leadership development solutions then evaluate essential core areas in meeting your leadership expectations and integrate those into a customized program that promotes behaviors that contribute to organizational success.


Individual development is a journey that is made with personal strengths and weaknesses. Part of our process is to create a personalized development plan for each participant based on their unique needs. Their development plan may include, among other things:


  • Training: In-Person and/or Online

  • Personal Development Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Peer Group Participation

  • Experiential Activities


Our individualized programs are an outgrowth of our years of corporate training experience. Our clients come from various institutions and industries that require specialized programs to help them excel in developing their talent and meeting organizational leadership expectations. We also offer high-performance leadership, decision-making, communication, and more to institutions and groups.


The Process


The LEADer Within

A program for the leader with a desire to define their leadership and align their practices to lead confidently in all situations. This program aims to help leaders frame their fundamental choices along with vision, mission and values, creating a sense of self that projects presence, confidence and a service orientation.


Foundations in Management

If you're a manager, this workshop is for you. It provides a strong foundation to continue your development and enhance your skills. The following topics are discussed: Strength of Leadership, Team Building, Communication, and more.


Free the Elves

This workshop is for those who want to enhance their leadership skills. The workshop will train you on how to motivate your employees, foster a sense of accountability, and help you create individual goals that get the most out of your employees' performance.

We give people the tools to be successful.

The world has changed, and your employees have to change with it. It's no longer enough to do your job well. Employees need to be more agile, collaborative, and innovative thinkers if they hope to succeed. That's why we offer a set of training programs for both existing leaders and those wanting to take their first steps into the future.

Kyle Stanzel, COO

Medical Industry

"Every session with Matt is valuable time spent. Often it's difficult to step away into coaching sessions because of life and work demands; however, after my first session with Matt I do not hesitate. His ability to work across industries and situations is impressive."



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