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Epiphany Professional Development Resources

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Book Online Services

We offer several types of services and appointment types. Whether you are looking for one-on-one executive coaching, an on-demand coaching session, or want to know about other programs we offer, we invite you to browse our full lineup of offerings.

Video Library

Our growing Epiphany Professional Development video library contains informative and inspiring videos about leadership development to help you in your career.

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Online Courses

Browse our selection of free or low-cost online courses. Our Mindfulness Basics course provides an overview of Mindfulness, its benefits and guidelines,  to enable you to create greater presence and overcome the many negative thoughts and stressors that may limit your potential.

Authentic Presence eBook Download

Download Authentic Presence and engage with the ideas and tools it contains. It will prove to be an important step for you in becoming a leader who exudes and inspires confidence in others. 


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