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High Level Business Coaching

Coaching  for Technology Leaders

Effective leadership is always challenging; however, technology professionals often face unique and complex challenges in their pursuit of greater leadership responsibility. Technology leaders, like engineers and physicians, are called upon to shift from focusing on just “left-brain” analytical and execution skills, to becoming adept at right-brain capabilities like leadership presence, business strategy, political awareness, and emotional intelligence. 


Additionally, there are few places technology leaders can turn to for this kind of skill development, particularly if they are already at a C or VP level. The provision of executive coaching for these individuals allows for the open exploration and experimentation necessary for their development in these key competencies.

In working with CIOs, CTOs, VPs, and directors, while each present unique goals and objectives, their primary growth opportunities seem to center on developing influence in the broader organization; building productive relationships across the C-suite and with other departments; effective leadership presence and staff performance management; achieving a better and more visible connection between business priorities and technology goals; and establishing the technology organization as a critical partner.

If you’re a CIO, CTO or VP of Technology interested in exploring a potential coaching relationship, schedule a Discovery call or simply drop me an email at and we’ll start a conversation.

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