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Business Executive Coaching

Oil & Gas

Regardless of what segment of oil & gas you operate in, the industry is experiencing dramatic changes and increasing pressure for leadership. There’s a gap between the experienced and those who show potential, leaving most organizations struggling to develop their high potentials quickly enough. Additionally, with the rapid pace of change many of the more experienced leaders are facing new challenges of adaptability, embracing a collaborative posture and ensuring that their teams are fully engaged and communicating efficiently and effectively.


As an experienced coach, I work with managers and executives in all up, mid and downstream areas. My coaching experiences include working with mid career individuals in Legal, Accounting and Sales, high potentials in Project Management and Engineering as well as CFO’s & CEO’s from privately held firms to Fortune 100 corporations.


It begins with an understanding of what the challenges are from stakeholders and the client. Evaluating the individual with the appropriate instruments (individual or 360) and exploring possible contributors or detractors from the desired outcomes. Establishing a development plan around key objectives and coaching toward those goals while periodically soliciting and integrating stakeholder input.


Check out some of our representative engagements and if you’d like to talk about a potential relationship, schedule a discovery call with the button below or shoot me an email at

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