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Leadership Development Coaching In Houston, TX

Are you looking to develop, coach, and promote talented employees for greater responsibilities in the future? If so, Epiphany Professional Development is a reputable firm you can bank on to provide results-oriented leadership development coaching and training in Houston, TX, to your executives and managers.

Regardless of the size and scale of the organization, we can help your team develop the skills to tackle complex situations that demand sharp acumen, knowledge, and discretion. Our results are documented and our programs will help you achieve your objectives with a positive return on investment.

Call us at 877-689-8256 for a discussion of how we can address your needs, or schedule a discovery call by booking an appointment online.

How Does The Process Work?


Our Leadership Development Solutions in Houston, TX are for established and emerging leaders to enhance effectiveness and performance. Our individualized programs begin with an assessment of strengths and behavioral characteristics important to leadership. Utilizing individual and multirater instruments we evaluate core leadership areas importanty in meeting these expectations. 


From this and the development of a personal development plan aligned with organizational objectives, development can take the form of training, personal leadership coaching and and/or peer group participation. And now with online curriculum and remote capabilities, leaders can also take advantage of programs that may better meet their needs.

Our individualized programs are an outgrowth from our years of corporate training in leadership development. In addition to individualized engagements, Epiphany Professional Development also designs and delivers programs for institutions and groups around high performance leadership, decision making, communication and more.


We offer a successful set of High Performance Leadership Development Programs and executive coaching engagements designed to help your existing and future leaders develop and assimilate the skills necessary to improve individual and business performance. 


Programs include:

  • Foundations in Management

  • The LEADer Within

  • Free the Elves (Coaching Skills for Today's Leaders)

Got Questions? Go through our FAQ section to find out accurate answers to common queries.

Benefits of Our Leadership Coaching Program

  • Developing and coaching internal people for leadership positions is less expensive when compared to advertising, recruitment fees, and training costs required for hiring new employees.


  • Studies show that replacing senior management level employees can cost two to four times the annual salary of the position being filled. Leadership coaching is a cost-effective program that can help your business save thousands of dollars


  • Greatly reduces the frustration of hiring managers who often find the recruiting process time-consuming .


  • Provides growth and educational opportunities to  key employees.


  • When you take care of the best people, they will be more motivated resulting in enhanced productivity. 


Drop us a line and our professional team will get back to you to answer your questions.

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