Agility: A Key Element That Spells Success

“Speed, agility, and responsiveness are the keys to future business success,” Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop noted years ago.

The message couldn’t be truer today. In 2021, agility is at the top of many a busy executive’s priority list. Savvy leaders know that having a Plan A, B, and C is essential. What practical steps can busy executives take today to promote this key element in their leadership success strategy?

What Agility Is…And Isn’t

According to the Agile Business Consortium, agility is defined by these four hallmarks:

1. Adapting quickly to changes in the market—both internally and externally

2. Responding to customer needs in a rapid and flexible manner

3. Leading change with an eye on both cost-effectiveness and high quality

4. Maintaining a strong competitive advantage

In a world that was turned upside down by COVID-19 and which is just starting to resume some semblance of normalcy, business leaders continue to strive to increase the agility of their teams. Executive leadership coaching helps CEOs and other leaders to succeed by increasing their agility first.