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Build the Business of Your Dreams!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As an independent business owner you may not “need” to be told what to do or how to do it unless you have a specific question or challenge. You’re in business in part because of your expertise and because you want the independence to create, define and build the business in a way that you want, in a manner that meets your expectations. The challenge often times is that we don’t act (behave, decide, lead) in alignment with what will lead us to a successful outcome. So how do you get to that place where your actions consistently support the vision and results you’re after?

There are certainly some foundational pieces that have to be put into place to create structure or at least a plan for structure. These pieces can be identified and learned

Image of Reality Check Process

in any number of places and include:

1) A clear vision and supporting strategy

2) An understanding of your value proposition and ideal client

3) A clear marketing strategy and the tactics you will use to reach your market

4) A method to convert leads into sales

5) How you will fulfill sales and validate customer satisfaction

Wrapped around all of this are financial processes, operational processes, possibly HR processes and more. At times, it’s a bit daunting as we try to balance the need for cash flow with putting together all of the pieces that will lead to sustainability (i.e. sometimes doing the things we don’t want to do) – but I didn’t “need” anyone to tell me how to get there!

The reality is business success is a result of part opportunity, part planning, big part execution and part luck. There is no silver bullet, but a lot of work. You can have all of the right pieces and still not get over the hump. So, is there a secret to building a successful business? Yes and no. The secret is that YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE. At some level we know this, perhaps more intellectually than emotionally, but it’s our desire for achievement and independence that leads us to the adventure to begin with and yet it’s often our unwillingness (i.e. ego, pride) that keeps us from soliciting the help we need to get there.

So, read all you can, attend all of the conferences, business classes, etc. listen to all of the podcasts……. But if you want to build a business that truly extends beyond yourself, find a

Image of two people engaged in conversation

confidant that you can rely upon to place your agenda first. Someone who will support you, challenge you, provide space for you to process thoughts and emotions, hold you accountable and guide you. This confidant is not your significant other, not your friend or employee, not your accountant or attorney. This confidant is distinct from all of these and is there for YOUR success.

It's this piece that will allow you to check yourself and more consistently act in the best interest of your vision and strategy even when shiny objects or difficult times come your way. It’s how you ultimately build the business of your dreams.

If you think I can help, give me a call, check out our resources at or drop me an email at I am a business and executive coach by way of education and, more importantly, by way of building, operating and selling 2 businesses over a 15 year span. I believe my service to the leadership of the business community is grounded in a deep understanding and appreciation of what it takes to turn a vision into reality.


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