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Unpacking "Presence"

As the group gathered, Phil was aware of a growing #anxiety around his role as the presenter. Those in the room seemed affable enough, but he knew the impact this group could have on his career and how it had impacted others. The word was, when the meetings began, the mood would shift and the climate would become brutal. Like a coordinated attack on those who showed any sign of uncertainty.

He had practiced, rehearsed, filmed and revised until he knew his material forward and backward – so why was he becoming increasingly anxious? He knew his anxiety would show and create something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, inviting the sharks to attack! Then he’d be screwed. They would find the holes in his presentation and make him out to be a fool, an incompetent who didn’t belong there. Maybe he should reschedule or have one of his peers deliver the material. He was coming unglued.

Been there? What is it that creates the tension, #selfdoubt or anxiety around these situations? Some might say its natural, and perhaps a bit of nervousness is a good thing since it heightens your awareness. But when the anxiety compromises your ability to effectively deliver and navigate a presentation or discussion, it’s a problem that no amount of preparation or positive self-talk in the mirror is going to remedy.

Situations like this arise due to a lack of confidence. The #confidence born of #self-acceptance. There is the confidence that comes with experience and successful repetition within an area of focus. Then there is the confidence that results from an self-acceptance that transcends circumstances and situations. It’s the later that allows you to navigate differing and difficult situations with a